Little Known Ways to Help You Get Through This Holiday Weekend.

HolidayThis holiday weekend marks change: leaving behind what was and embracing the new. Passover for the Jewish celebrates the Israelites exodus from slavery in Egypt. Christians celebrate Jesus’s resurrection. Children who may not yet indulge in the richness of their spiritual inheritance are also finding this a time of ceremony. The Easter Bunny is coming! He brings beautiful Easter baskets filled with goodies. It’s a gift. Searching and finding Easter eggs is like winning the lottery with each egg. They live in anticipation. They start with empty baskets and focus on filling them with the goodness they find.

The holiday celebrations parallel life

Seems to me, this weekend’s celebrations personify the way each of us ought to be living our lives in order to propel us toward self actualization and create the happiness we seek.  It’s easy to go through our days holding onto the bad stuff- holding onto what happened in the past. We hold on to prejudices, hurts, pains, and injustices. When we will ruminate over unproductive feelings like anger, or how we were taken advantage of etc, it’s hard to feel gratitude and love. When you’re vibrating at a negative energy it’s impossible to also radiate positive loving energy at your full potential.

The reason some people are unhappy is because they hold on to and think unhappy thoughts. They dwell on  the past and the bad that has occurred. Instead they ought to be giving up the bad & looking forward in anticipation the way the children searching for eggs do.

So, you say you are positive 80% of the time and the bitterness you feel for the injustice that occurred only plagues you a little. Maybe its only 10% of the time. But, then you realize you are also upset about this other thing…(the job you lost, the accident, the ex, the …Fill in the blank). When added up its 20% of your thoughts. If I filled a glass with 80% good water and 20% deathly poison, would you still drink it?  The problem is these are unproductive thoughts we allow to take up space — any space — don’t leave room for the good to come into our lives.

We all have negative thoughts.

We control what we choose to think about. We all have negative emotions but we must be disciplined not to dwell on them. When they come cast them out! Rebuke them. Purposely focus on something else.

I heard a great line on The Big Bang Theory : “when you worry you suffer twice”. This is true of all negative emotions. When we dwell on them we give them more power than they had in the first place.

Instead why don’t we take inventory of what we focus on? Literally! write down your thoughts and take account at the end of the day. Was it all positive? Did you let go of the bad and replace it with feelings of gratitude, and dreams of the future you want?

When we get rid of old clothes from our closet, we make room for more. We can use this room for new pretty clothes that support our lifestyle now. Quit hanging on to the past… the size 4 jeans when you are a size 8 for the last 5 years. Get rid of what doesn’t serve you!

It’s all about choice of focus.

When the medical report comes back negative, and the diagnosis seems daunting, don’t focus on that. Instead, tell yourself you’re a victor not a victim. Claim that health will be restored to you. When you do that, you make room for finding the cure, putting your body in restorative state, and claiming your healing!

Don’t go around with poison in your heart and mind. whether Christian, Jewish, any other religion or no religion just have faith. Focus on renewing yourself – being born again. We can’t be something new of we don’t change. Being bitter, angry, and hurt shortens your life in ruins your health. A relaxed attitude, happy heart, and hope for the future lengthens your life.

Good health doesn’t come from medicating. It comes from a toxin free environment (both emotionally and physically) it comes from allowing your body to release stress and get into restorative state. It comes from adding the right nutrients in. The body was designed to heal itself. You must give it the right ingredients & environment to do so. Decide you won’t let anything or anyone steal your joy. Acknowledge the negative and let it go.

Let go of the negativity. We all have negative emotions and thoughts. Acknowledge them and let them go. Visualize yourself giving them to God if that supports your belief structure. Put them in the basket of a hot air balloon and let them float away. Put them in the fire so the burn up. Just don’t hold onto them.

Replace negative thoughts with feelings of gratitude for the good.

I remember times of truly bad health and bad places in my life…. sometimes all I had to give thanks for (it felt like) was the love of my dog or a pretty flower. Start where you can. When you get rid of the bad you make room for the positive to have a place in your life. Replace the negative with thoughts of hope for the future you want and the victorious way you will feel when it’s achieved.

This weekend is the holy weekend, a time of new beginnings, new hope and anticipation for the future. Embrace the fullness of its meaning. Let the old bad past die away and live richly in the blessings of your victorious future! Your health depends on it! …. Just  Ask Mama Frat!

April 15, 2017