Like You, I Struggled. 

My first autoimmune diagnosis was Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. It came after countless doctors’ visits in which I expressed concern over the chronic urticaria (hives)hair loss, weight gain, mood swings and extreme bouts of fatigue. Multiple doctors visits is not uncommon for most people who (finally) receive an autoimmune diagnosis.

While relieved that my numerous doctor appointments & symptoms eventually amounted to something physical proven by blood work (as opposed to it being all in my head), I didn’t have any idea what a thyroid was much less what it did. The doctor gave me medicine, told me to take it for the rest of my life and sent me off to pay his bill. At that moment, I believed my troubles were over.

Months after I began my thyroid replacement medicine, however, I didn’t feel much better and I still had many of the same symptoms. My hair was still falling out, I still felt tired, my skin had dry patches, I broke out in hives weekly and I was still freezing in 80 degree weather.

Conventional Medicine Wasn’t Enough.

Each time I saw a doctor, they gave me another prescription to treat a symptom. No one got to the root cause.  A few doctors even made dismissive comments like “You’re skinny, don’t worry about a few extra poundsand  “You have so much hair. What do you care if you lose a little?”  or my favorite….“You just had a baby. Your body hasn’t adjusted yet.  How about taking an antidepressant?”   UGH!!!!

I studied everything I could. Tried various healing modalities and eventually put my disease into remission and felt great again…. for 20 years.

Two decades later I got sick again. Like the first time, I was referred to a specialist after specialist. None could find the source of my pain and issues. This time was worse than before because it stopped my active lifestyle.  I went from working out daily and training for triathlons on the weekends (for fun) to being stuck in bed. I was either medicating and caffeinating to get through a day or laying in bed with muscles contracting and joints hurting.  At my worst, I couldn’t dress myself, shower or even walk down a flight of stairs without every muscle in my back and thoracic area becoming one big spasm. It got so bad I couldn’t move. The pain was excruciating and would bring me to tears.  I wasn’t a good employee, wife or friend at that point. My life was in a tail spin. My options seemed few.

I had asked my doctor to find another way to manage the pain and spasms (instead of all the meds). He insisted “this is protocol” and added “if you cant handle the meds, how are you going to handle the wheel chair?”

Remission is Possible.

The hardships that come from living with autoimmune diseases turned out to be a gift.  After studying natural health and alternative therapies for 30+ years I went back to school and studied some more, tried new techniques and here I am. I figured out how to get back up. I learned how to put my autoimmune diseases in remission. As of my last tests (2021) there are (still) no antibodies present.  Now I teach others how to manage their disease and do the same.

Mama Frat Can Help YOU.

The Ask Mama Frat site, videos, trainings and workshops offer you the wisdom of experience in dealing with these issues. They also serve to inspire, teach and share techniques for dealing with a chronic conditions.

Help for Chronic Issues

Through one on one coaching, employee wellness programs, and workshops, I teach folks how to manage their chronic health issues such as Type II diabetes, gut health, food sensitivities, and autoimmune disease.

As a veteran of life’s challenges, I have defied the odds and you can too.