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Break your sugar addiction STARTS JAN 11th

For some people quitting sugar is about losing weight, for others it’s to stop the yo-yo effect on their emotions & brain from the blood sugar fluctuations & resulting hormonal roller coasters.

There are a whole host of reasons to break up with sugar!

  • Balance hormones
  • Change your relationship with sugar
  • End the emotional roller-coaster caused by insulin spikes
  • Get better sleep
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce energy crashes

This is why I created the Break Up With Sugar Boot Camp!

In just 30 days, you can:

  • Detox from sugar
  • Discover how to reduce cravings
  • Learn how to read food labels
  • Change your relationship with food
  • Learn work-around recipes for a sweet tooth
  • Understand how sugar affects your body

All this, while being part of a private Facebook support group: meeting new friends just like you who are on the road to optimal health & weight loss. This program takes place.

In addition to the daily support and coaching in the Facebook group, I’ll host a coaching call each week (1st one is Friday Jan 11 at noon) where you can call in and receive support. instruction and prepare for the weekend! All calls take place online through Zoom Video Conference or a conference call platform. Sign-up to join us today!


Regular Investment: $199
Limited time only… Only $69