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Hire an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach!

Mama Frat/ Dominique Frataccia is a double certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach.

Focused on health, wellness, disease prevention and management for individuals, she offers nutrition coaching from a functional medicine type perspective, lifestyle changes, and personal support. Her concentrations include autoimmune disorders, gut health, allergies/sensitivities, stress response, and other chronic challenges that have lead to medical conditions.

She finds great meaning in coaching, mentoring, and inspiring people to succeed. As a 28-year veteran of autoimmune diseases herself & now EDS, she has defied the odds personally and helped others to do the same.

Read her story here.  See the results others have had.   Click here to request a meeting to explore your needs.

“Mama Frat creates an environment that drives change and engages you to embrace your potential. Her infectious energy & leadership style encourages others to do their best: fostering a sense of urgency, ownership, and commitment to results.” 


“She gets results.  Affable and magnetic … she delivers.” Mama Frat is a speaker

Entertaining and inspiring a crowd is just the start.

What is the intention for your retreat? Event? Lunch & Learn? Corporate gathering?

A motivating & educational message is designed to empower individuals to take action and improve their lives, resulting in focused and effective results.

“Her presentations are powerfully inspiring, funny and knit with executable advice.”

Mama Frat is a double certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach. Focused on health, wellness, & “increasing your happy”/ stress reduction.
As a 28-year veteran of autoimmune diseases and other chronic health challenges like EDS, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and Ankylosing Spondylitis, she has defied the odds personally and inspired others to do the same.
Mama Frat is a motivational speaker you can hire to expertly deliver one of the below presentations or have her create something specifically for your needs.

Keynote speaking:

A message about RESILIENCE  from the struggle to strength. The motivation for life.

This powerfully inspirational presentation is filled with executable advice for overcoming life’s upsets & changing your future starting today!


  • How Mama Frat turned a terrible prognosis into a victory
  • What she thinks is the key to recovering your good health
  • What was/is the mantra that was powerful enough to give her the strength to dig her way out

Talks about health….


This powerful presentation speaks to the negative effects of stress on the body & brain and is filled with executable advice on what you can do about it.  Learn:

  • The 4 critical factors (must haves) to good health
  • The 3 top reasons you can’t lose weight (even though you exercise)
  • The 6 ways to manage stress naturally


What is all this talk about ‘leaky gut’, probiotics, and healthLearn how an unhealthy gut contributes to a range of challenges including diabetes, obesity, depression, & chronic illnesses like autoimmune, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue & what you can do about it. (see Gut Health on workshops page)

Click here and tell her what you need for your next company meeting, event, lunch & learn, and/or keynote speaking engagement. Call 804.350.3708.


I have learned so much from her Break Up With Sugar program! I am down 8 pounds and I have lost my cravings for sugars and carbs. I highly recommend this program for all of those who are addicted to sweets and processed foods!  – Niki E

I’ve benefited from her expert advice and inspiration for years. Happy to see her finally sharing with the world.  – Leland F

Working with Dominique–Mama Frat–cleared up so many misconceptions about getting healthy. She created a plan unique to my situation and conditions. Her expertise along with her direct, encouraging manner inspired me to stay on the journey to a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend anyone, especially those with autoimmune issues to hire Mama Frat as your go-to resource.  – Yolanda G

I will also share that I learned about sugar and what it does to your body. Even though I might not have been as disciplined as Niki I also did lose a few pounds but most importantly it made me aware of what to look out for! I highly recommend Frataccia. She is FABULOUS!!!  – Shanna K

Mama Frat (Dominique) has been such a wonderful coach for me. I feel like I have a partner in my health journey – she’s not only given me the tools to be healthy and succeed in my wellness goals – but has been an inspiration and encouragement to me every step of the way. Thanks, Mama Frat!
– Marianna M

She’ll help guide you to get the results you need, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, etc. She’s the team you’ve been looking to be a part of.  – Chelsea M

I’ve worked with Dominique for a little over a month. I’ve dropped 5 pounds so far and have significantly reduced the pain I was experiencing. I have much more energy now and feel better equipped to navigate my Dr. visits and fully understand my labs. If you’re struggling with health challenges, hire Dominique to be your coach. – Dyanne J

I am working with “Mama Frat” on my overall health and losing weight. She is a great coach and she is definitely helping me define and reach my goals!  – Laura H

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