Who is Mama Frat?

The idea of Mama Frat was born out of my personal struggle with autoimmune disease. Physically, I went from daily workouts, a productive career and weekend triathlons to immobility, unemployment, and despair over my future. The doctor’s prognosis came with words like “wheelchair” and “mechanical devices”. It was a desperate time that left me emotionally bankrupt.  The prescription drugs worked on a temporary basis, but I still struggled with persistent symptoms and simple daily tasks took monumental energy.

My mission is simple: help others past the despair of failing health. I achieve this by using the science of food, nutrition, and mind-set. I put my autoimmune diseases into remission, got active again and got my life back.

Sharing the picture with me is my amazing husband, ‘Frat’. He is a 13x Ironman finisher, an American Ninja Warrior, the Silver medal winner of his age group for the World OCR Championships and the man who holds my heart.  We have two great kids and 3 spoiled rotten rescue puppies that bring us joy every day.

I hope you will follow me and find inspiration and nourishment from our time together. I offer one on one coaching, online workshops, and have even been known to do some keynote speaking for association meetings, fundraisers, and other events!

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Mama Frat knows autoimmune diseases personally.

As a result, she can relate to your challenges & help you navigate the process to wellness.

  • Temper your autoimmunity so you can remove the frequency and severity of flare ups.
  • Improve digestion so you can free yourself from bloating, its associated abdominal pain, and constipation/diarrhea.
  • Increase your energy levels. Get rid of the debilitating energy slumps.

Mama Frat takes a holistic approach to supporting you.

An autoimmune diagnosis can be scary, confusing, and challenging BUT, these diseases can be managed. Symptoms can be eliminated and many autoimmune diseases can be put into remission.   As a supportive mentor and wellness authority, I use food/ nutrition, mindset, and gut health to help people everyday. I can help you.

What are you feeding your body and mind?

Food can work for you or against you and good health comes from positive thoughts, habits, feelings and environment – not just good food. Let’s get you on the path to lasting change.