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Tired of not knowing when or if you’re ever going to feel better?

I get it. From expensive medications that only work to temporarily mask symptoms to a challenging diagnosis from your doctor — you’re exhausted and overwhelmed by your health. The good news is, those two tired outcomes aren’t the only options you have. As a 30+ year veteran of autoimmune diseases, I help you manage your symptoms, put your disease into remission, and get your life back. 

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What I specialize in for you.

Autoimmune Diseases

From chronic joint pain to Celiac disease and more, I help you manage your symptoms, reduce flare ups, and work towards remission.

Gut Health

I help you improve your digestion so you can free yourself from bloating, its associated abdominal pain, and other IBS related symptoms.

Type 2 Diabetes

Learn how to manage and reverse your sugar-related issues such as Type 2 Diabetes so you can increase your energy levels and live a happier life.

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A peek into the process we’ll use
to help you 
get your life back.

Food science

Food science

The food you eat could be directly related to some of your biggest health issues. We’ll take a look at your diet and eliminate what could be causing you pain.

Nutrition science

Nutrition science

What you put in your body on a regular basis matters to your overall health on a short and long term basis. Let’s make sure what you consume supports your body’s needs.

Mindset science

Mindset science

You can’t have good health with a negative mindset. Using the latest neuroscience techniques, I’ll teach you the tools to push beyond the pain and move from where you are to where you want to be.

Imagine your life with these results.

After working with Dominique for about a year, my health and life has completely transformed. She has guided my health and mind and I have healed beyond what I thought possible. My immune system is stronger than ever. The impact her skills and knowledge have had on me will stay with me for the rest of my life. Working with her was the most important decision I made for my health. Thank you endlessly for your support.


Before meeting Mama Frat, I was at a breaking point with my gut issues. I started working with Mama Frat less than a year ago, and my life is completely different now. The difference in energy levels, quality of life, and a drastic decrease in physiological discomfort was something I didn’t think was possible anymore.


Prior to working with [Mama Frat], I felt overwhelmed and frustrated with how I felt physically on a daily basis. I knew that getting someone to help me understand how to shift my diet was the answer. She has really helped me better understand my food sensitivities and how to change my eating and lifestyle habits to improve my gut health. I feel a major improvement and highly recommend working with her.


Before I met Mama Frat, I was in an awful state. My guts were unhappy and so was I. She kindly, professionally, and with a dose of humor explained why I was having stomach issues. She is just wonderful, and I highly recommend her!


Anyone going through health challenges needs a team. In that team you need teammates who have knowledge about your issue, assertiveness to keep you on track and empathy enough to know when to push you and when to be a cheerleader. Mama Frat excels at all 3. Take it from me, if you are serious about getting better and are willing to do the work, Mama Frat can help get you the progress you have been looking for.


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Scientifically-backed solutions with life-changing results.

1:1 Coaching

Autoimmune Disease

Gut Health

Type 2 Diabetes

Food sensitivities and more


Gut Health Workshop

Mindful Wednesdays

Break Up With Sugar

SHINE Workshop

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Healing is possible, but it’s not always easy.

Hey there, I’m Dominique Frataccia, aka Mama Frat, and I’m willing to bet you’re searching for an attainable way to eliminate your chronic health issues and get your life back. The good news is: healing is possible. The hard news is: it’s won’t be easy, which leaves you feeling exhausted. Not to mention all the possibilities that could be causing your chronic illness can be overwhelming.

As a Double Certified Nutrition Health Coach and 30+ year veteran of autoimmune diseases, I’ve put two autoimmune disease into remission and learned how to manage the symptoms of others. I’ve defied the odds, personally, and help others to do the same because there’s more available for you, your body, and your mind than a life in a wheelchair and the “maybe” diagnosis you just got from your doctor.

I use a science-backed, holistic approach to work with your medical team to help you manage and heal your chronic health issues so you can experience a pain-free, healthy, and happy life.

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