“After working with Dominique for about a year, my health and life has completely transformed. She has guided my health and mind and I have healed beyond what I thought possible. My immune system is stronger than ever. The impact her skills and knowledge have had on me will stay with me for the rest of my life. Working with her was the most important decision I made for my health. Thank you endlessly for your support.”


“I have been working with Mama Frat now for almost two months. Prior to working with her, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated with how I felt physically on a daily basis. I knew that getting someone to help me understand how to shift my diet was the answer. She has really helped me better understand my food sensitivities and how to change my eating and lifestyle habits to improve my gut health. I feel a major improvement and highly recommend working with her.”


“Before meeting Mama Frat, I was at a breaking point with my gut issues. I started working with Mama Frat less than a year ago, and my life is completely different now. The difference in energy levels, quality of life, and a drastic decrease in physiological discomfort was something I didn’t think was possible anymore. Mama Frat has created plans specific to me and what I’m going through, as opposed to treating me like a “one size fit all” client. I am truly amazed at Mama Frat’s impact on my life.”


“I just finished Mama Frat’s Sugar Buster program and it was super ! Sheis teaching you how food works in your body so you can make good decisions about how and what you eat. And one of the few program leaders I’ve met that researches and follows up on questions. Make the commitment, work with momma frat, you will not be sorry!”


“Mama frat rises and shines to every occasion 24/7 365 days a year ! She is smart, witty Anna wealth of information when it comes to nutrition and health. I participated in her workshop and removed sugar from my life and lost weight. She turned her own life around from illness to wellness by studying health and nutrition and became a multiple certified nutrition coach in the process. Mama Frat practices what she preaches.”


“Working with Mama Frat for little over a month period I’ve dropped 5 pounds so far and have significantly reduced the pain I was experiencing. I have much more energy now and feel better equipped to navigate my doctor visits and fully understand my labs. If you’re struggling with health challenges hire Dominique [Mama Frat] to be your coach.”


“Mama Frat is extremely knowledgeable about gut and health issues. She is one of the first people I turn to when I need to make diet changes that will impact my health. She is a walking testimony to what she does. I adore her.”


“Before I met Mama Frat, I was in an awful state. My guts were unhappy and so was I. She kindly, professionally, and with a dose of humor explained why I was having stomach issues. She is just wonderful, and I highly recommend her!”


“I have learned so much from her Break Up With Sugar program! I am down 8 pounds and I have lost my cravings for sugars and carbs. I highly recommend this program for all of those who are addicted to sweets and processed foods!”


“I’ve benefited from her expert advice and inspiration for years. Happy to see her finally sharing with the world.”


“Working with Dominique–Mama Frat–cleared up so many misconceptions about getting healthy. She created a plan unique to my situation and conditions. Her expertise along with her direct, encouraging manner inspired me to stay on the journey to a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend anyone, especially those with autoimmune issues to hire Mama Frat as your go-to resource.”


“I will also share that I learned about sugar and what it does to your body. Even though I might not have been as disciplined as Niki I also did lose a few pounds but most importantly it made me aware of what to look out for! I highly recommend Frataccia. She is FABULOUS!!!”


“Mama Frat (Dominique) has been such a wonderful coach for me. I feel like I have a partner in my health journey – she’s not only given me the tools to be healthy and succeed in my wellness goals – but has been an inspiration and encouragement to me every step of the way. Thanks, Mama Frat!”


“I am working with “Mama Frat” on my overall health and losing weight. She is a great coach and she is definitely helping me define and reach my goals!”


“I have known “Mama Frat” for over 20 years. I found out about her sugar busters’ program quite by accident. I deal with high sugar issues. She has done a phenomenal job with me. Anyone going through health challenges needs a team. In that team you need teammates who have knowledge about your issue, assertiveness to keep you on track and empathy enough to know when to push you and when to be a cheerleader. Mama Frat excels at all 3. Take it from me, if you are serious about getting better and are willing to do the work, Mama Frat can help get you the progress you have been looking for.”