Toxins & carcinogenic compounds can trigger an immune response. Toxins  have also been known to trigger an autoimmune disease. They also cause a "flare up" (as those with autoimmune diseases know well). At the very least, they act as endocrine disruptors. This is why it's important to keep yourself and your environment toxin free. But, how do

Cryotherapy Fad or Phenomenal: My experience.

Many of you know I try new therapies (both conventional & alternative) & enjoy sharing my experience. So, this post is about my latest “try” of Cryotherapy. It should be revealing and I hope somewhat entertaining. Cryotherapy is gaining popularity as the most advanced recovery tool available. But, is it really that or just good

Fish : Friend or Foe?

There’s so much hype about fish being beneficial but toxic too. How do you decide if It’s right for you? In doing the research for this blog post I was dumbfounded by the amount of experts who are conflicted in the area of healthy diets (in general). Fish only adds to fuel to the fire. 

Dispelling the Stereotype of the Only Child

For your holiday weekend amusement I will deviate from my normal blog post intended to offer ‘wisdom to help you live your best life’ and instead add levity to your day by shedding a little light on “only children”. Warning: I am hoping to DISPEL THE STEREOTYPE OF THE ONLY CHILD. As an only child

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