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The Institute for Integrative Nutrition offers us the following TIPS TO SLOW DOWN. These exercises are meant to help us enjoy life more, and focus on the important things. It’s never been easier to connect with someone on the other side of the world, yet it’s so easy to feel disconnected from the people closest

Hair Loss Caused by an Autoimmune Disease

Hair loss is caused by family history, hormonal changes, medicine, poor nutrition & medical conditions. Autoimmune diseases are on the rise & one of those medical conditions that cause hair loss.  These diseases can affect every part of your body producing a wide range of symptoms (including hair loss) so they are hard to diagnose. When your immune

Little Known Ways Essential Oils Can Improve Your Life.

Deal with headaches, tension, the shingles and depression naturally. There are a few essential oils you should always have in your home: clove, lavender, peppermint, & citrus oils.  Essential oils are Mother Nature’s natural remedies & the practice of using essential oils has been around for thousands of years. You may be wondering how essential

Reasons Mercury May be at the Root of your Symptoms & Illness.

Mercury is Toxic to the Body Exposure to mercury is toxic to our health. Studies have shown that exposure to this heavy metal poisons our central nervous system. Mercury levels can build up in your body, causing immune dysfunction, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, irritability, muscle issues, cognitive loss, sensory impairment (vision, hearing, and

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