Break Up With Sugar

This is a public declaration, I am launching on a new journey! I am freeing myself of an addictive, dysfunctional relationship with a narcissistic love. That’s right, I’m breaking up with sugar.. again. This relationship I have with sugar is a lot like being on a tropical island involved with a gorgeous rich man who


Copyright Ask Mama Frat What are your health goals? L-Carnitine can help you convert your fat to fuel, get lean, improve your work out, reduce your fatigue, lessen mental fog, slow bone loss and help your heart. Convert your fat to fuel: L-carnitine is a natural compound that is synthesized in the body

Learn About Gluten & The Autoimmune Disease Connection

If you have an autoimmune disease it means your immune system went rogue and began seeing things that weren't a threat as a threat - like gluten. As a result, your immune system began attacking your own body’s tissues. It’s as if your immune system got dementia. This change from a healthy functioning immune system

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