Mindfulness Wednesdays  (4 week program)

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body
and a healthy body lives in a healthy mind.

Help your brain and body to de-stress.

Mindfulness practices (like meditation) are the antidote

to painful stress responses in your body and brain.

Join a group of like-minded folks (in Midlothian Va- Mama Frat’s House) for an 4-week program and de-stress!


      • Science-based mindfulness practices
      • The 2 most important building blocks to possibility thinking
      • 8 ways to calm your body & brain
      • Breakthrough old negative thinking
    • Create new neuropathways

What else can you do on a Wednesday night
that would add such value to your health & peace to your mindset?

Limited availability.  Don’t miss out

Jan 9th – Jan 30th
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Wednesdays)

The 4 -week program only $50

Act NOW.
Limited space/seating available