Are You Gluten Sensitive?

Pic Compliments of UDI's There is so much fuss about Gluten Free these days. Is it real or just a fad? Could your fatigue, joint pain, gastrointestinal issues and depression be a result of gluten? The answer is yes. Doctors easily recognize the digestive issues & symptoms associated with Celiac disease. As a

4 EASY Gluten Free & Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

Gluten Free & Anti-Inflammatory Recipes SOOTHING TURMERIC LATTE This is made with coconut oil, bold or dark coffee, cocoa, dates, cinnamon & of course turmeric. I like it warm but some like it cold. Best of all, its a treat that's Gluten Free & Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients 1 tablespoon cashew or almond butter (I like cashew


In the last post, I promised you the steps and techniques that work to regain your health when conventional medicine fails you. Here is "when conventional medicine fails you part II"  Through your diet, intestinal healing, reducing your toxic load and putting your body in restorative state you can help turn off the triggers that

Magic Medicinal Herb

Nine Reasons to Love This Magical Medicinal Herb Natural-anti-inflammatory good for joint pain, Crohn’s disease, intestinal issues, autoimmune disease & more No I’m not talking about the kind you can smoke! I’m referring to the legal bright yellow colored one called Turmeric. Its medicinal value is nearly unsurpassed. The curcumin from turmeric which

Understanding Your Thyroid Gland

Our thyroid Our 2” long butterfly shaped thyroid gland is located in the front of our necks, sort of low, right underneath an Adam’s apple location. It runs along the front of our windpipes & normally weighs less that an ounce. It has two side lobes (located on either side of your wind

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