Hashimoto’s disease


AUTOIMMUNITY: Key Nutrients You Need in Your Diet  People that suffer from autoimmune diseases have very different nutritional needs than the average person. Here are six nutrients that studies have proven help folks who suffer with autoimmune diseases. Incidentally, the research has also shown that folks with autoimmune diseases are deficient in these nutrients. It

Hair Loss Caused by an Autoimmune Disease

Hair loss is caused by family history, hormonal changes, medicine, poor nutrition & medical conditions. Autoimmune diseases are on the rise & one of those medical conditions that cause hair loss.  These diseases can affect every part of your body producing a wide range of symptoms (including hair loss) so they are hard to diagnose. When your immune

4 EASY Gluten Free & Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

Gluten Free & Anti-Inflammatory Recipes SOOTHING TURMERIC LATTE This is made with coconut oil, bold or dark coffee, cocoa, dates, cinnamon & of course turmeric. I like it warm but some like it cold. Best of all, its a treat that's Gluten Free & Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients 1 tablespoon cashew or almond butter (I like cashew


In the last post, I promised you the steps and techniques that work to regain your health when conventional medicine fails you. Here is "when conventional medicine fails you part II"  Through your diet, intestinal healing, reducing your toxic load and putting your body in restorative state you can help turn off the triggers that


Conventional Medicine Fails Most Who Suffer with Autoimmune Diseases. If you're dealing with a chronic inflammatory condition that has turned into autoimmunity you've probably been bouncing from doctor to doctor. With each doctor visit you may have found something small but nothing that really explains your long list of symptoms.  As a result, you are

Learn About Gluten & The Autoimmune Disease Connection

If you have an autoimmune disease it means your immune system went rogue and began seeing things that weren't a threat as a threat - like gluten. As a result, your immune system began attacking your own body’s tissues. It’s as if your immune system got dementia. This change from a healthy functioning immune system

Hello World! The Mama Frat Blog is Born.

Mama Frat This Mama Frat blog is intended to help you optimize life & live well even within the confines of  health setbacks such as  autoimmune diseases.  I will share the collective wisdom I have acquired over 20 plus years of dealing with my own health, autoimmune issues & doctors. I'll offer the

Understanding Your Thyroid Gland

Our thyroid Our 2” long butterfly shaped thyroid gland is located in the front of our necks, sort of low, right underneath an Adam’s apple location. It runs along the front of our windpipes & normally weighs less that an ounce. It has two side lobes (located on either side of your wind

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